Pirate Container

The Container

Pirate Container2

All The Parts.

Board the pirate "chip" to find sunken taters on Treasure Island! "Fin"-tastic mermaids abound, but beware of Captain Fry Cook, puds who cross him walk the plank! Turn four ordinary "potatoes" into creative characters, like a pirate, a mermaid a toucan, or another fabulous creation from your imagination! With four potato bodies and more than 45 mix-and-match accessories, you have plenty of parts to create all sorts of wacky looks! Includes 2 potato bodies, 2 mini potato bodies, 4 pair of eyes, 2 noses, beak, moustache, 4 ears, 3 mouths, 8 arms, 2 pairsof shoes, parrot, sword, pirate hat, eye patch, pirate earring, hook, pair of boots, wand, crown, tail, shell waistband, sea horse, pair of earrings, soft bandana,and feather.

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