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This Mr. Potato Head was released in 1983 by PLAYSkOOL. This model is known for having non-removable arms which are made from bendy rubber, eyes which are looking in a different direction than usual and is one of the last in the history of the toy to feature a pipe.


Mr. Potato Head As He Appeared in The 80's. This version includes parts for a Mrs. Potato Head

This version is known to include:
  • x1 Potato Body with non-removable white arms
  • x1 Green cap
  • x1 Pair of eyes
  • x1 Pair of blue shoes
  • x2 Pink ears
  • x1 Red oval nose
  • x1 Pair of teeth
  • x1 Dark mustache with clip attachment
  • x1 Pair of yellow glasses
  • x1 Red tongue
  • x1 Green pipe

The design of this version was also prominent in the 1990's without the pipe.

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