Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head
Date Released May 1, 1952

Mr. Potato Head was born on May 1, 1952.

A Mr. Potato Head usually comes with, a pair of Eyes, a Tongue, Teeth, Glasses, Shoes, 2 Arms, 2 Ears, a Nose, a Hat, and a mustache (usualy brown, but sometimes black).


These are five versions of Mr Potato Head:

V1: Originally, Mr. Potato Head had a real potato for a head and a plastic body.

V2: His potato became plastic.

V3:He dropped the body, but also lost his hands.

V4: He was given a storage compartment and a pair of bendable arms. However, these arms were not removable.

V5: His arms became removable, but stopped being bendable.

V6: His arms are shorter, ears are smoother, eyes are different, grew legs, and got

a thinner body.

V7 His Mouth Is New And The Rest Of The  Parts Are New.

Members Of Potato HeadsEdit


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